Why Buy a Used Nissan Kicks in Toronto, ON?

If you’re looking for a sporty SUV for driving in the city, turn to the Nissan Kicks. This stylish option is great for all kinds of drivers and here are some reasons why you should consider buying a used Kicks!

Save when you buy used

The most obvious reason to buy a pre-owned Nissan Kicks is that you will save money in many ways.

  • You’ll avoid that immediate depreciation that new car buyers experience by choosing a pre-owned Kicks.
  • Automakers usually provide many of the same top features on its models throughout multiple years, meaning you’ll still get quality amenities at a lower price.

Get more out of your purchase

Not only will you save money on your used Kicks, but you could get more bang for your buck as well.

  • Have you always wanted a custom wrap job or the latest tech inside your vehicle? By buying used, you could splurge on things like that instead of the total cost of the Kicks.
  • If accessories aren’t your thing, you could possibly splurge on the highest trim of the Nissan Kicks to get the most upscale amenities possible.

Nissan Kicks highlights

After making its debut in 2016, the Kicks has just gotten better over the years. Here are some of its top features:

  • The Kicks offers the Bose® Personal Plus audio system, which puts UltraNearfield™ speakers into the headrest for an immersive musical experience every time you drive.
  • With its subcompact size, the Kicks fits into those tight parking spots and is fun to drive thanks to its peppy engine options.
  • Even though it is smaller than some other SUVs, the Kicks still offers a generous 32.3 cubic feet of space in the back when you fold down the rear seats.

Used Nissan Kicks near me

You can take the Nissan Kicks for a test drive or learn more about this sporty SUV at Downtown AutoGroup in Toronto, Ontario!

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