Oil Change in Toronto, ON

The most common type of maintenance you’ll regularly do with your vehicle is a seasonal oil change. This helps ensure your vehicle’s engine keeps running smoothly and efficiently, and helps prevent serious wear and tear which could reduce the lifespan of your vehicle considerably. Read on with the expert service team here at the Downtown Auto Group, as we look at why regularly changing your oil is so important.

Why Do I Need To Regularly Change My Oil?

The day-to-day operation of your engine causes it to start accumulating dirt and particulate, which gets into your oil, reducing its overall viscosity, which increases potential for clogging. Less viscosity also causes additional friction, and thus, more heat. A hot engine is at risk of overheating or seizing up. Clean oil keeps everything running smoothly, which prevents undue wear and tear on the mechanical parts. An inexpensive oil change could prevent a costly engine repair down the road.




Are There Other Benefits?

A clean and smoothly running engine is an efficient engine! Less friction means the engine has to work less to function properly, and that means it uses less fuel. Better fuel economy could lead to you saving a few dollars every time you need to hit the gas pump. Clean oil is also burning fewer toxic particulates, and that’s also better for the environment.




When Should I Schedule My Next Oil Change?

The more you drive, the more often you should be booking service and maintenance for your vehicle. A good rule-of-thumb is every six months, and that includes getting your oil changed. When your service is done, the team will give you an estimated date or distance for your next service appointment.




Schedule Your Oil Change in Toronto, ON

The Downtown Auto Group should be your service destination in Toronto, ON, whether it’s for an oil change, or any other maintenance you might require for your vehicle. Our team of expert and certified technicians will get you booked in as soon as they’re able, and back on the road as quickly as possible.