Air Conditioner Service in Toronto, ON

When it gets hot, you want your vehicle to give you a nice cool space to enjoy your daily commute, or that weekend road trip. So, what happens when it stops blowing cold air? Like the rest of your HVAC system, your air conditioner needs occasional service to keep it running well – that could include cleaning, recharging, or outright repair if there’s an issue. Read on with the service experts here at the Downtown Auto Group, as we take a closer look at why your vehicle’s AC needs regular maintenance.

Not Staying Cool?

There are actually several components to your air conditioner which need to be regularly checked for issues. When you bring your vehicle in, our team will inspect the air conditioner compressor, including the drive belt, make sure refrigerant isn’t leaking, see if the refrigerant needs recharged, inspect your cabin air filter, and check the mechanical components for damage. If any issues are detected, our team will tell you what’s been identified so you can make an informed decision of how you’d like to proceed.




Could I Recharge My AC Myself?

There are several home AC recharge kits available on the market, but we recommend you don’t attempt to handle the process yourself. Many of these kits use explosive compressed gasses, and some aren’t your vehicle’s recommended refrigerant. When you come to a Downtown Auto Group service centre, we can make sure your AC is being recharged with the correct refrigerant, and that it’s being done in a safe environment by experts who understand the process.






How Often Should I Get My AC Checked?

As with most regular maintenance, that depends on how often you use the AC! A good rule of thumb would be to have it inspected every year during your regular spring or summer service appointment. Obviously, if you detect any issues with the AC, such as it failing to cool the vehicle, or emitting a strange odour, you should get your vehicle booked in for an inspection as soon as possible.




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