Summer Performance Tires in Toronto, ON

Most people in Canada understand the importance of winter tires, and what they can do for you when driving on cold, slippery and snowy roads. What about when the weather gets clear and nice, though? Naturally, all-season tires are great for most year-round travel when the temperatures rise, but sometimes you want something a little more fine tuned for summer driving. For the discerning driver looking for a truly performance experience on sunny July weekends, you might consider a set of proper summer tires. Join the team at the Downtown Auto Group in Toronto, ON, as we explain what summer tires can do for you.

What Are Summer Tires?

It’s simplistic to say summer tires are just the opposite of winter tires, but that’s not inaccurate. Summer tires are specially designed to give better handling and performance in warmer temperatures, when you aren’t plowing through slush and snow. Their tread has less grooves, which means more rubber can grip the pavement, and the rubber is more flexible in temperatures above 7 degrees. Summer tires give you better traction, tighter cornering, stronger braking, and even improved fuel economy.




What If It Gets Wet?

No problem. Summer tires are specifically engineered to handle those rainy days just as well as they do the dry and sunny ones. While they have less grooving on the treads, they’re specially shaped to push water away from the tire. This means they’re great for maintaining grip on wet roads, to help avoid hydroplaning.




What If It Gets Cold?

That’s the time to consider switching back to your winter tires. Normal rubber gets more firm when temperatures dip below 7-degrees Celsius, and your summer tires will start to lose their grip on the road. Not only that, but this can also cause additional stress on the tires, making them wear out faster.




Get Your Summer Tires with the Downtown Auto Group

We offer an assortment of tires, including all-season, winter, and summer tires. If you need somewhere to keep your off-season tires, we also offer tire storage at our secure, climate controlled facility. If you need new tires for your vehicle, be sure to visit the Downtown Auto Group in Toronto, ON, today.